Another Smart Technology by Milliken

Engineered to work with other performance enhancing technologies such as odor control, moisture management, wrinkle resistance, stretch, and soft feel.

Triple Action - Repel, Release, & Wick

A differentiator with value: Consumers are finding out that repel-only fabrics have an oily stain retention problem. And while dual-action stain repel and release solves that problem, polyester and its blends can sometimes feel hot. By adding moisture management technology to the side of the fabric touching the skin, you have a differentiation that improves comfort and takes your garments to the next level of performance.

Delivers what consumers want: Market research, conducted by Kurt Salmon Associates, indicates that consumers value the easy care virtues of stain repel and release, bundled with the comfort of wicking.

Product Characteristics

Repels Spills on the Outside

The outside of the garment repels liquid stains.

Wicks Moisture on the Inside

The inside of the garment absorbs perspiration into the fabric, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Releases Stains in the Wash

Ground in and oily stains wash out easily.

  1. Excellent Repellency

      • Liquid Spills Bead Up and Roll Off

  2. Stains Wash Out Easily

      • Tough Ground-in Stains Easily Removed

  3. Fabric Stays Soft

      • Comfortable Even After Washing

  4. Long Lasting Color

      • Wash After Wash

  5. Wrinkle Resistant

      • Little or No Ironing

  6. Machine Washable

      • Easy Care

Test Results

In a side-by-side comparison test between our StainSmart® treated fabric and another leading repellent fabric, we stained both the repellent fabric and our StainSmart® fabric with oil and washed them.

After 30 washings, comparably about the same amount of washing you would do in a year's time, the StainSmart® fabric released the oil stain time and time again while the repellent fabric just couldn't keep up!

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