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Frequently Asked Questions

StainSmart® is a new dual action stain protection technology from Milliken that combines the benefit of repellency with the added feature of stain release. Fabrics stay cleaner and are more durable, looking better and lasting longer than ever before.
Repellent fabrics have always done a good job fending off water-based stains, like soda or coffee, but oil-based stains often penetrate and get trapped inside the fabric. Combining repellency with stain releasing technology significantly enhances the performance and durability of the fabric.
The repellency layer of the technology defends against water- and oil-based stains. Most stains will bead up and roll off the fabric or can be gently blotted off the fabric with a paper towel. However, if the stain gets ground into the fabric, it will be released during the wash. The release technology works by drawing the water, surfactant and detergent through the fabric during the wash cycle to release and ultimately remove the stain.
StainSmart® repels water-based stains and helps release challenging oil-based stains that commonly result from food spills. We have tested it against a wide variety of stains.

  • Food – Mustard, ketchup, salad dressing
  • Drinks – Coffee, red wine
  • Healthcare – Blood, Betadine®
  • Other – Grass
  • StainSmart® is available in nurses' scrubs, school uniforms, and travel apparel at retailers near you and on the Internet. Look for brands made by Peaches Uniforms, Strategic, and Travelsmith.

    Because StainSmart® addresses such a distinct need and has broad appeal, you will find it available in more and more places in the future. If you don’t see it in your local store, ask for it by name.
    Yes, 3M and Dupont offer a dual action product. In our tests and in outside lab tests we have found that StainSmart® provides superior performance and is more durable.
    We’ve never seen a do-it-yourself aftermarket finish that lasts. Our StainSmart® technology is made of complex chemistries that are molecularly bound to the fibers during our manufacturing processes. At this time it is not possible to achieve long term durability with a simple spray-on treatment.
    Yes, StainSmart® can be engineered to work with many other performance enhancing technologies such as odor control, moisture management, wrinkle resistance, stretch, and soft feel. Contact us at Milliken with requests for a custom-developed fabric.
    Contact us for information on where to get the product you are looking to purchase. Also, if you have an idea for a new StainSmart® application, please let us know. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to provide a solution to a market need.

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