A dual action stain protection technology that combines the benefit of repellency with the added feature of stain release.

What Do These Items Have In Common?

They can create unsightly stains on your carpet and fabrics. Until now! Take some of the worry out of life with StainSmart. Whether it’s in your living room, on the playground or at work, demand StainSmart. It's the best stain protection technology since laundry detergent and the washing machine.

Coffee Stains

If you're a coffee drinker, there will come a time when you will spill that cup of coffee.

Grass Stains

Don't let those pesky grass stains ruin your clothes.

Red Wine Stains

That slow-motion moment of horror as the wine glass topples over spilling red wine.

Greasy Food Stains

Some of the worst stains, which always seem totally impossible to get out.

Why is this new or different?

Repellent carpet and fabrics have always done a good job fending off water-based stains, like soda or coffee, but oil-based stains often penetrate and get trapped inside. Combining repellency with stain releasing technology significantly enhances the performance and durability.

StainSmart can be engineered to work with many other performance enhancing technologies such as odor control, moisture management, wrinkle resistance, stretch, and soft feel. Fabrics stay cleaner and are more durable, looking better and lasting longer than ever before.

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