Milliken takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.


Diverting carpet from landfill is good for the environment, good for the economy and good for humanity. Since 2002, Milliken has had a ‘no carpet to landfill’ pledge which means we go the extra step to keep existing carpet that we are replacing on a project site from ending up in a landfill. As part of the process, we evaluate the condition of floor covering being replaced by Milliken and choose the highest form of recovery.

Milliken's Global Environmental Policy

Milliken’s Environmental Policy, adopted in November 1990, established a goal of zero waste to all media. Our goal is the elimination rather than reduction of all solid waste, hazardous wastes and emissions. This policy guides environmental decision-making and calls for preferring all other means of disposal before using the landfill. To date, the company diverts 99% of all of the company’s waste away from landfills and to places where it could be re-used or recycled. In addition, we actively seek and use alternative energy to power our manufacturing plants, such as methane gas produced by local landfills.

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